03. Mar 2019

The Lost Village

Susan takes over the leading part of the Sat1 movie “The lost village”. Produced by Wiedemann & Berg, directed by Chrisiane Balthasar, casted by Liza Stutzky.

20. Jan 2019

A summer in Salamanca

“Ein Sommer in Salamanca” will be aired on ZDF at 8.15 pm January the 27th.

20. Sep 2018

48 Hour Film Festival

The movie “Ein kurzer Scheißfilm” , produced by Viva con Agua” wins the 48 hour film festival!

09. Sep 2018

Viva con Agua

Susan is filming a short film in corporation with Viva con Agua for the 48 hour film festival in Berlin.

11. May 2018


Lifelines, the new medical of RTL, with Susan as the female lead, will air on May the 8th at 8.15 pm.

19. Jan 2018

One Moment in life

January the 28th “One Moment in life” will be aired on ZDF at 8.15 pm, with Julia-Maria Köhler, Steve Windolf, Anatole Taubman and Milena Dreissig. Directed by Jophi Ries.

08. Mar 2017

Your Song

In March Susan starts filming the Movie “Your Song” for Sat.1. Cast: Tom Beck, Cristina Do Rego. Director: Kai Meyer-Ricks.

26. Dec 2016


On January 1st at 8.15 pm on ZDF Traumschiff with Susan in the maincast.

18. Nov 2016

Morden im Norden

November 21st at 6.50 pm on ARD MORDEN IM NORDEN with Susan as the lead.

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